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A community for fans of the British actor James Murray.
Welcome to the first livejournal community dedicated to the British actor James Murray.

Currently best known for his portrayal of Stephen Hart in ITV1's hit tv show Primeval, as Niles Pottinger in Syfy's Defiance and as Billy Collins in CBS' Chaos, he has also appeared in such diverse productions as Cutting It, Under the Greenwood Tree, and Phoenix Blue. Check out his IMDB entry here.

Rules Help Control the Fun

1. All posts must be related to James Murray.

2. No bashing of fellow lj users/actors/characters etc.

3. No invasion of James Murray's privacy. Unfounded gossip and re-posting of paparazzi photos will not be tolerated. Unless James himself or one of his official representatives comments about his private life, it's a no go area. If in doubt, run it past the mod first or face getting banned.

4. Please tag your own posts. We'll be creating them on an as needs basis but you can see what is already available either on the sidebar or by selecting tags when you post.

5. No posting of fiction. There are plenty of other places you can do that. However pictures, icons, wallpapers of him and his characters are allowed. When you post icons you should post three preview icons and then put the rest under a cut. Large pictures/scans should always go behind a cut, though a few thumbnails outside a cut is fine. You MUST credit the source of any pictures/interviews/scans etc and under no circumstances pass off other people's work as your own, including the hotlinking of graphics.

6. Any other form of media should be under a cut and locked to members only.

7. Advertising of other communities that relate to James, his characters or shows is allowed, within reason.

8. Any problems please contact the mods in the first instance - cordeliadelayne and lukadreaming.

The Murray Parish Trust

James and his wife Sarah Parish have created a charity, the Murray Parish Trust, in remembrance of their daughter Ella-Jayne. You can find more details about their fundraising efforts here.


This community is in no way affiliated with James Murray or his family.


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